Hack.Asia 2022: Innovate the Sustainable Future

The Hack.Asia week starts on January 15, 2022! Check out and join our events by clicking on the button below:

Frequently Asked Questions



You can sign up at https://hackasia.agorize.com/ with a valid email address. Click on ‘Participate’ to receive announcements and notifications about the competition.

When there is an update, you will receive an email from the admin on the Agorize platform and at your provided email address. Please make sure you have clicked ‘Participate’ and check your junk mailbox!

The Agorize platform is open for customer support and can answer any question related to the competition. You can also send your queries to hack.asia@jardines.com.

You will receive an email confirmation upon successful registration. If you do not receive any confirmation within 24 hours, please reach out to hack.asia@jardines.com.

To update your details, log in, and go to your participant profile to edit or change your details.

In this challenge, only one team member should apply and will act as the representative for the startup/team in question. For Students teams, you can have up to 8 members.


This challenge is open to all University Students, Individual Participants as well as Startups across the world.

Please take a look at the Students & Innovators challenge statements tab and Startups challenge statements tab to learn more about each challenge statement’s specific requirements and expectations.

Hack.Asia 2022 will have 2 tracks: 1) Students & Innovators Track and 2) Startup Track. The Students & Innovators Track is for all University Students and Individual Participants. The Startup Track is for all Startups across the world. In each track, the Participants will be competing for different prizes. Please refer to the Brief tab for more information on prizes.

Application Phase

For the Application Phase, each Participant must fill in an application form and submit a 5-20 slides PDF or PPT that addresses the following:

  1. Information on the profile your team members (Students & Innovators) / core team members involved in the project (Startups)
  2. A 10-15 slides PPT/PDF of your project including the following:
    • Problem Definition: What is the issue addressed by your solution?
    • Overview of the big idea: What is the idea you have on tackling the challenge statement?
    • Solution overview: How will your solution work and what technology is used?
    • Value Creation: What is the business value and sustainability impact you can help create?
    • Implementation Plan: How do you propose to execute on the idea?
    • Business model: What is the business model behind your idea?

Please refer to the Timeline and Guidelines tab for more information.

There is no template but please do a final check prior to submission:

> Your PDF must be in English
> Please preview and confirm that your submissions are accurate

We will give you further details on how to be ready for the Hack.Asia Week/Pitch Day. Hack.Asia Week will /Pitch Day will be held between the 15-20 January 2022 – save the date!

The deadline for submitting your completed application is January 9 2022, 23.59 (GMT+8).


To interact with your mentors please visit your participation space and open the tab called "Mentors" there you will find the Agorize messaging feature.

You are welcome to reach out to your assigned Mentors for technical assistance related to your team's solution/business model.

For questions regarding the challenge or the framework of the competition, please reach out to the admins.

HACK.ASIA Week & Pitch Day

Participants who will participate in the Pitch event/Hackathon will be announced before January 15, 2022. Participants who have been selected to participate in Pitch event/Hackathon will be directly notified via the Agorize platform or notified to the email that was provided during registration.

For the Students & Innovators Track

The winner of each Challenge Statement will:

  • Receive a cash prize of US$2,500
  • Fast-track internship interview opportunities with Jardine Matheson group
  • Mentorship, networking and introduction to executives of the Jardine Matheson group
  • Enter the Students & Innovators Track Grand Final on January 21st, 2022

The winner of the Students & Innovators Track Grand Final will:

  • Receive a grand cash prize of an additional US$2,500

For the Startup Track

The winner of each Challenge Statement will:

  • Have a potential proof of concept opportunity of up to US$50,000 with the relevant Jardine Matheson group company for each Challenge Statement
  • Be introduced to various Jardine Matheson group businesses
  • Mentorship, networking and introduction to executives of the Jardine Matheson group
  • Enter the Startup Track Grand Final on January 21st, 2022

The winner of the Startup Track Grand Final will:

  • Receive a grand cash prize of US$6,500

The Pitch Day will be held on the 20 January 2022 where selected teams will pitch their deliverables for 10 minutes followed by a 5 minute Q&A.

On the same day, winners of each individual challenge will then pitch at the Grand Final competing for the grand prizes.

Participants will be evaluated and judged based on their content and the following criteria:

  • Innovation: How innovative is the solution in its use of new or existing technology to solve the problem described in the Brief? Are there other solutions available and if so, how does this differentiate from them?
  • Relevancy: How well does the Deliverable respond to the specific need(s) set out in the Brief?
  • Feasibility: How feasible is the solution to put into practice? Does the solution make sense financially? Will the solution be sustainable over the long term?
  • Impact: What is the scale of potential social impact? How broad is the impact? How many people will your solution reach? How significant is the impact?
  • Clarity: How well do you articulate your solution and the potential impact it will have on society or business?

Previous Editions

Hack.Asia is an annual Hackathon powered by Jardine Matheson since 2019 to connect innovative minds including students, entrepreneurs, and the start-up community - to create technology-driven solutions and help address real world business challenges faced by the Group businesses and its strategic partners.

Hack.Asia 2020 is a hackathon hosted by WHub and powered by Jardines during Startup Impact Summit 2020, as part of the StartmeupHK Festival 2020 by Invest Hong Kong. Startups, students and innovators across the world addressed nine real-life business challenges faced by market-leading businesses in the region to find innovative and technology-driven solutions to shape Asia’s tomorrow. Over 800 students and 60 startups applied from more than 40 countries, including China, Germany, India, Indonesia, Singapore, South Korea, Thailand, Vietnam, the United Kingdom and the United States.

Hack.Asia 2019 is a Hackathon organised by the Jardine Matheson Group and Daimler Group, with support from the Singapore Economic Development Board/ Young minds across the region addressed six real-life business challenges in commerce and urban mobility to find innovative and data-driven solutions to shape Asia’s tomorrow. Over 800 students applied from 23 countries, including Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, Hong Kong, the Philippines, South Korea, and India.